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Copper Cup

Copper Cup


CopperCup is truly a family run small business. We still make all of our mixes by hand in San Francisco. Our team consists of our family , a few friends and our amazing production assistant, Mary Grace. Cristy handles sales and logistics and Aina is the mixologist. Our dream is to make CopperCup " a way of being" and not just a drink company. Aina & Cristy are both on their journey to become reiki masters by fall 2020. We believe in the power of positive energy , love and community. 


    Sachets include enough mix to make one Copper Cup Wellness Latte.  Our farm box add ons come in 6 and 24 sachet sets sold at a special price!


    Farm Boxes and Add-Ons will be available for pick up on Saturdays at All Good Pizza from 9 am to 3 pm.

    Orders must be placed and paid for by Thursday at 12pm to be eligible for Saturday pickup.

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